The allure of the flame. There’s something about the warm glow of the fire that draws people together. It may be a primordial instinct that first entices us to a flame, but a well designed fire feature or outdoor kitchen will keep family and guests conversing into the wee hours of the night throughout the seasons of the year.


Like their distant cousin, the campfire, firepits encourage people to encircle and relax under the stars. Modern features are constructed in every size, shape and material imaginable and provide a good source of heat on a chilly desert evening.


If you want to entice family and friends to share in the pleasures of an outdoor living space, incorporate a fire pit or fireplace. Gathering by the glow of a flame provides warmth on a crisp evening and stimulates social interaction. Plumbed for gas, a fire pit or fireplace becomes ablaze whenever the mood strikes without the air quality concern that comes from burning wood. Have Laguna show you the true power of the flame and its ability to bring people together.

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